Useful Guide On How to Adjust Backrest on Office Chair

how to adjust backrest on office chair

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Guidelines for Office Chair Setup

An ergonomic office chair is a type of tool used properly, to maximize back support and manage posture at the time of sitting.

To get an ergonomic chair is not matter at all, it is a must to adjust office chair to proportions of the person’s body to ensure comfort and lessen aggravation for the spine.

The beginning step is to set up a chair in the office to the expected height of workstation or individual’s desk.

The decision is taken by the type of work may be done or the height of the person working in the office.

The height may vary greatly and would need various positions in the office, or other sizes of the ergonomic chair also.

how to adjust backrest on office chair

If the workstation is situated, the users may adjust the chair according to his or her physical proportions.

Here you will get the most important guidelines distilled to a rapid checklist to be sure that the office chair as well as the working areas are as comfortable as possible and may cause less amount of stress to your spine:

Elbow measure

At first, sit comfortably near to your desk as you can so that the arms remain parallel to your spine. Keep your hands on the surface of your workplace. If the elbows are not in ninety degrees angle, adjust the height of the chair either down or up.

Thigh measure

Observe you may simply slide the fingers under your thigh to the leading or top edge of the office chair. If it is very tight, you should prop your feet up having an adjustable footrest.

If you are very tall and if there is more than a finger width between the chair and the thigh, you have to raise the desk so that you can raise the height of the office chair.

Calf measure

By pushing bottom to the chair back, attempt to pass clenched first between the front of the office chair and the back of your calf. You may do it easily; the office chair may be deep. You have to adjust the backrest forward, enter a low back support or find a new office chair.

Low back support

Your bottom must be set up against the back of the chair, and there has a cushion which causes the lower back to arch little so that it may not slump forward or slouch down in the chair.

It will support to minimize the load of the office chair. Do not slouch or slump forward of the office chair, it keeps more stress on the frame in the low back and especially lumbers discs.

Resting eye level

Shut off your eyes at the time of sitting comfortably along with the head facing forward. Slightly open the eyes.

Your looking point should be to the center of your computer screen. If you see the screen is higher or lower position than your gaze, raise or lower the screen according to your desired position.


Set up the armrest of the office chair so that it may lift our arms to the shoulders. Using an armrest for an office chair is important to take the strain off your upper shoulder or spine, it makes you less to slouch forward in your chair.

Choosing the Correct Chair

Most of the chairs are made in such a way that it adjusts with average people. But there are some people who are very tall or very short. This chair isn’t fit for such people.


how to adjust backrest on office chair

They need the custom-made the chair. Almost all chairs are designed to adjust around 90% of the people.

The problem is that no average person’s chair is made in such sizes which may be adjustable. Chairs must be in such a way so that these adjust with the average people.

  • Choose a chair that has a simple controlling system at the time of sitting on it. While sitting, controlling a chair is very simple, and sitting may adjust your body with the chair. You may adjust yourself with the chair and adjust the piece with your body directly.
  • Prefer a chair having an adjustable seat with your tilt and height. Height is a great factor at the time of selecting a chair. It must be according to the needs of your body. Tilt is also an important thing to ensure correct posturing at the time of taking place on it.
  • Prefer a relaxed seat which curves to the floor to the front edge. The edge and the curve give more space for your knees and ensure comfort for the back of your knees and thighs.
  • Like a chair which has non slippery as well as breathable fabric. You would not like to get all sweaty while you are on your deck or working table. You would not like to slide around very much; it is also an important factor while selecting a chair.
  • Buy a chair with a wonderful backrest that is made to support the lower back and adjustable in angle and height. Adjust the backrest to support the lower back, and for this only you can remain pain or injury free.
  • Like a chair having five points harness. The five points provide stability and balance at the time of sitting on it. The base must be wheels and caster depending on your choice.
  • Select a chair along with armrests which are to the accurate distance apart. You may simply get the chair in and out, but the armrests should be as close as possible to your sitting position. If your elbows are very closer to your sitting position, you would feel more comfortable.
  • Get a chair having adjustable armrests. It would never hamper your movement at the time of typing or work. Adjustable armrests would permit you to customize the height of your body size as well as the arm length.

You must prefer a chair so that you can easily control it at the time of sitting on it. This kind of chair is easy to handle. It will help you more to adjust your body completely.

You may adjust yourself well in this chair. Then you may also adjust the pieces straightly on your body.

Like a chair having a good seat which incorporates with tilt and height. If you like to adjust a chair, you must consider the height of the chair. This is a very important thing.

You need to adjust the chair according to the height of your body and needs. At the time of sitting, lean is an important factor for accurate posture.

Try to get a comfortable seat which bends toward the ground at the front side. Such type chair gives you more space to keep your knees.

It also gives comfort to the back of your thighs. Moreover, the seats wouldn’t give more pressure on the back side of your knees and thighs.

Have a chair that comes with non-slippery and breathable fabric. You don’t like to get sweating while doing work at your desk.

Moreover, you wouldn’t slide around more as these things are very important to choose a chair.

Get a chair that has well backrest. It is designed to support your lower back. The chair should be adjustable with the angle and height.

If you use an adjustable backrest, there will be no possibility of injury or back pain of your body.

Prefer a chair that has armrests from the right distance. You may easily get in or out of the chair if it comes with an armrest.

The armrests should be as close as possible at the time of sitting. It gives more comfort while working.

Get a chair that has adjustable armrests. It would never hamper your movement at the time of typing or working.

Adjustable armrests would allow you to customize your body sizes, your height, and arm length.

Office chair adjustment levers

Back Height Adjustment

Permit it for custom lumbar support. You may lift up the back to adjust the back height to 1 – 5 preset position. If you like to release the internal back height, you need to lift the back to the sixth position.

Raise it to the sixth position with a view to removing the exterior back height mechanism. Then go back to the lowest position once again.

Adjustable Back Angle

To ensure personal fitting, set up the angle of the back to the desired level. Lift up the lever to get the desired position and remove the lever lastly. Press down the lock to your desired position.

Pneumatic Lift

You can easily adjust the expected height. You must raise your height when you like to raise the heat of the chair by pulling up on the lever.

Remove the lever if you get the seat to the desired height. Rise up the lever when you take the seat for lower seat. Lastly, remove the lever if you get the desired height.

Infinite Tilt Lock

You need to lock the chair in a position. Then free floats it if you unlock it. If you desire to lock the seat to a fix tilt position, depress the lever.

When you like to raise the lever, you need to release the lock and allow the seat to free float.

Forward Tilt

Give unlimited advanced tilt up to 5 degrees. The simple adjust lever permits the users to normally twist the lever to the expected pitch.

Tension Control

Provides a firmer or softer recline – Different settings give fingertip adjustment.

Move hand wheel ahead of the mechanism. Counterclockwise with little tension and clockwise for more tension.

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