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best barber chairs

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Are you looking for the barber chair for your shop? Would you like to repair the chairs, get free from the days of the barber of the previous days? Would love to see what they seem like as you are very younger to remember it?

What type of chair would you like to use in your shop to convey? Do you like to have a vintage barbershop feeling? Would like to have one your grandfather or father went out of the boy’s day out?

Would you like to have a modern, stylish kind shop which may attract more customers, still permit you to have a non-stylist barber that allows for making casual friendships in a jovial atmosphere?

Maybe, you desire to be a hair stylist or would like to go a high fashioned salon. You should have to use a chair that is fit for your desire or meets the design of the shop.

Barber chairs vs. salon chairs

The difference between barber chair and salon chairs is part meaning and part aesthetic. Barber chair reclines more to provide a comfortable shave.

Salon chair also reclines but they are using mainly for makeup and hairstyling. This is not a must. Barber chairs have masculine look. Go to the male environment of conventional barber shops.

These tend to move to the heftier sides. Salon chairs are more neutral or feminine to adjust in the salon.

These are must be affordable, but less rigid. The barber chairs have a wonderful capacity. Therefore it can endure more weights.

Moreover, these chairs are larger. If your budget is tight enough, you can choose a despicable barber chair instead of a standard reclining salon chair.

As you can establish your client base, you may able to invest some really imposing chairs.

If you have an intention to buy professional tools, read my books. It is the best pedicure chairs, the best salon reception desks, and super massage tables.

Let’s see the list of nice barber chairs with your budget. Then finally buy one that will be fit for your use.

Brand name barber chairs

The lists I presented here is aimed at mid-range or stylists starting barbershops.

Keller is a very popular brand and I like it very much. There are some reasons for which I like them in the barbershop. I have left the industry by keeping this idea in my mind.

Still, I have a desire to get quality furniture. LCL Beauty and SkinAct are famous brands in this range as are Best Salon or Exacme.

As you are a very high-class range, you are eager to know about the top of the top.

Now I am talking about Pibbs, Belvedere and surely, the masterpieces of Takara Belmont and abridged as Belmont.

These parts of furniture are another stage for me. High-end barber chairs? No son. These are beyond that.

However, the price of the product is a bit higher. I would advise you to look at them if you are able to establish yourself. Try to reach this stage; it is the actual show time.

Top 6 Best Barber Chairs Reviews 2020


1. BestSalon Hydraulic Barber Chair

BestSalon Hydraulic Barber Chair

The bracket which adds to the seat bottom has eight holes with it and is supposed to line up with the holes in the seat bottom. No need to say they have done it.

I was frustrated and keep the chair by the side only to use it later on and inspire to work. 2 screws are not well secured and desire the sturdy one to hold. The second’s matter is pretty similar.

The arms parts are not aligned with the holes in the seat back and the bottom. I have no complaint as the price of the chair is reasonable.

The appearance of the chair is very attractive. If the holes are aligned well, I will give it to five stars. This may be that I have bought the best one.

Features of Best Salon Hydraulic Barber Chair

  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Double reinforce saddle sticking saves tearing and ripping
  • Seat dimension is twenty inches long and 19 inches wide
  • Premium chrome round base
  • Heavy duty hydraulic pump make height adjustment easier
  • Simple to keep together
  • Simple operation
  • Reasonable price and reasonable sturdy
  • Has no con

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2. 20″ Wide Hydraulic Barber Chair DS-5001W

20" Wide Hydraulic Barber Chair DS-5001W

It has very fast delivered then you desire. The chair is awesome. I gave it four stars for assembly directions. Some people complain that it has missing bolts or screws. I saw it.

I saw the chair closer and found that some screws were not found in the plastic bags along with other ones, screwed into the parts. Try to find it out. Some people also complain about the smell of the leather.

Features of 20″ Wide Hydraulic Barber Chair

  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame Premium chrome round base
  • Double reinforce saddle sticking to resist tearing and ripping
  • Seat dimensions is twenty inches wide and nineteen inches long
  • Heavy duty hydraulic pump make adjustment of height locks and easier place
  • For the extra comfort, it has small cell with density
  • Simple to use holds up well and may not require more space at all
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Good price and works well
  • Withstand for clients treatment
  • Somewhat heavy

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3. TMS? Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair

TMS? Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair

It is made of high quality synthetic and heavy duty frame. It has a bit of modern flair and great for any barber. The chair is luxurious for the clients on our plush chair and spacious space.

It had 150-degree reclining, and heavy duty components, a premium chrome, four-inch pad made the chair both functional and reliable.

Features of Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair 

  • Premium chrome round base
  • Simple to install
  • Back seat reclines up to 150 degree
  • Double reinforce saddle sticking saves tearing and ripping
  • For the comfort of the clients, it has small cell high-density foam
  • Heavy duty hydraulic pump makes the adjustment easier.
  • Simple to install
  • Premium chrome round Foundation
  • Heavy duty hydraulic pump creates height adjustment easier
  • Wonderful looking but not fit for over time

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4. Icarus Mae Beauty Salon Hydraulic Chair

The Mae Classical Beauty gives function without having pretension as the small chair that can. The chair is simple to move around as well as rotate.

The compact size may not clutter up in the room. It has a T-shaped footrest. The foam is fitting European style, and seats are sturdy for arms rests.

The chair gives elegant and simple experience for the users. The chair is great for you as it has easy to clean and soft upholstery.

Features of Icarus Mae Beauty Salon Hydraulic Chair 

  • It has sturdy arms as well as lacquer finish
  • The chair rotates 360 degree
  • Chrome base plate and hydraulic pump
  • Soft PVC vinyl for comfort and simple maintenance
  • Upscale styling salon chair along with upholstered back and seat
  • Powerful arms along with clear lacquer finish.
  • Soft PVC vinyl to confirm comfort and easy maintenance.
  • Chrome base plate and Hydraulic pump.
  • Instructions are not very clear at all. The paper the directions are on is torn making though this is difficult to figure out.

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5. New Massage Bed Barber Chair Facial Tattoo

The chair is the king of all barber chairs. Table Bed Chair Beauty Barber Chair Facial Tattoo Chair Salon Equipment has stool comes from three folding faces.

The chair is simple to store and fold. It is easy to move. The leather is water and oil resistant and also durable. So, you should not worry about the oil and water splashes.

The chair is amazing, and you are happy as you have to spend money on a good chair. This is the right way you need to go. The armrest cushions are removable. Therefore you can clean it easily which is a great plus.

Features of New Massage Bed Barber Chair Facial Tattoo

  • Black finish, three Section facial bed massage table;
  • Long lasting PU leather
  • Easy folding for simply transportation
  • Armrest is removable
  • Adjustable backrest tilts up 45 degree
  • Removable cushion with six face hole to the requirement of the massage table conversion
  • Adjustable footrest and thick back seat
  • Solid heavy duty welded steel sturdy frame stand
  • Quickly arrived items
  • Setting up is bit tricky and at first seems confusing as the item is partially installed therefore you have just kept the rest of the piece altogether from indicating picture.
  • The medals are very hard, so it is very heavy though the appearance does not seem so.
  • With the reasonable price, you will get very good materials.

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6. HomCom Swivel Salon Massage Spa Chair
HomCom Swivel Salon Massage Spa Chair

You are trying to get a high-quality salon chair with the cheap price then there is no alternative than to buy HomCom salon stool. It has adjustable height; the chair is fit for your clients no matter though height is very tall.

Clients can sit on the chair for a long time without moving them around. The stool is great for beauty salons or hair or tattoo studios. The chair is very handy for the users.

The chair is simple to assemble, and it has everything to keep in the right place. Buy a great chair for your clients, and it will last for a long time. You also get the love from the clients.

Features of HomCom Swivel Salon Massage Spa Chair 

  • It has five smooth rolling casters wheels.
  • The stool is great for beauty parlors, tattoo studios or hair salons and more
  • Lightweight, simple to assemble or store
  • The height is totally adjustable and put it within reach of the clients in a sitting situation
  • Five cm high-density cushion – give long time comfortable for the users
  • Aids my posture.
  • Permit me to take seat taller and I can easily see my patient’s mouth
  • The cylinder’s height is very short.
  • Vintage barber chairs

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How to Choose the Best Barber Chairs?

For what reason, you are going to buy the chair. That is not the matter. You only need to buy the best one. It may be for the business for the beauty needs, but you need not compromise on the quality. Therefore, what is the best way to choose the barber chairs?

Best Barber Chairs

Reliability and safety

You need to buy a chair that will break down when you feel the chair is mostly needed. It must be reliable for all the times. At first, the safety is a must.


You need not compromise the safety of the barber chairs. They need to offer the best thing as you are buying the right thing for the right decisions.


Are the chair recline? They must be. The standard level of the chair must be 150 degrees. Try to get a piece, and you can easily get it.


You need to adjust the barber chair with the customer necessary. The chair comes with adjustable feature. You need to adjust the chair where someone is in the chair to sit.

All-purpose vs. single use barber chairs

How do you like to use the chair? You require knowing the response before you like to buy the barber chairs. For normal use, you can buy all use chairs for your need. It gives you an ample chance, and you have to do this.

Overall appearance

The normal figure of the chair may not attract you or the customers. You need to prefer something that is attractive to the eyes. The range of the chair must be from the design color of it.

Competition the Best Reviewed of the Barber Chairs

You have to read this post to get the best barber chairs for your customers and yourself. Mae’s Black Barber is the best chair that you can buy for your clients.

The price is great. It is a rocking chair. The chair has all the features that you like to have in a barber chair. The quality is the best, and it is adjustable. You can spend your coin for the right product.

Best Barber Chairs

If I remain in your place, I would surely buy this chair. As you think the chair is not best for you, you can use the other product. There are lots of alternatives. New massage barber chair is the best choice for you.

The chair comes with three foldable faces give comfort to the edge. The chair is comfort and simple to move and storage.

The saddle is made from the best leather, and you need not think about the tear and flips. The money or penny you are spending for this chair, you will get the value of the last one.

Vintage barber chairs

At first, there is a hunt, then calculated stalking and at last the euphoric capture and kill.

Secondly, there is the trip home. The chair is great for trucking, driving, shipping and freight forwarding. All boil down to get your 350 pounds prey out of whatever attic, basement, warehouse or storeroom. It has been rotting in for the previous 70 years in your home. All huge demands amount of money or ton of blood and sweat from you.

Thirdly, there is cleaning and the prep of your bounty. The antique barber chair should be skinned, washed and disemboweled prior being quartered as well as separated into fine groups.

Basic barber chair maintenance

Sometimes, the parts of the barber chair become the cause of a headache. When you get the problem is very serious, you have to contact the sellers. Fortunately, all chairs come with one or two years guarantee.

You may do it by yourself in many causes. A usual problem that I have noticed is the hydraulic drive of salon chairs going ham. It begins to move downwards and upwards, causing you as well as your customers completely irritation.

Here you will get a short video about the adjusting pump of the hydraulic barber chair. It is a very simple issue. It is better not to think about the matter very much. This is very much fixable.

The Final

You think deeply and get the difference. Barber chairs may seem it is just a piece of iron, but this is more than that.

They are the source of comfort and show how the business is with the customers. This is not the simple reason for which you are losing your clients.

The post makes the task easier what you like to get. Go to the product and see the barber salon is now the formidable brand name.

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