Best Chair for Programmers – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Chair for Programmers

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Programmers are considered essential workers in the industry. They are now considered important sectors of the company or industrial sectors.

Their way of life is different from the other people who are working in the factory for various reasons.

Programmers have to spend more time in the working place especially on the desk. Sometimes they have to spend extended time on it giving more focus on a computer screen.

If they do not use the right office furniture for supporting every day’s task, they have to endure severe pain. Among them, the most important thing of the office is the desk chair.

If you like to hire a programmer in your office, be sure you have to use the best chair. So you need to keep the following things in your mind.

1. SPACE Seating Professional Air Grid Eco Leather Seat

An office chair is nothing if it is not comfortable to sit down. The price of the IKEA chair is something more than the normal chair.

How much price would you like to spend on your chair? The chair is great and fully adjustable side to side, up and down. It comes with a mesh siding to increase breathability.


  • One Touch Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
  • Eco leather seat having mesh siding for comfort and breathability
  • Height adjustable angled arms along with soft PU Pads
  • Two to one Synchro Tilt control with added tilt tension
  • Heavy duty angled nylon base as long as Oversized Dual Wheel Carpet Casters.


  • The chair has super back support especially the lower and mid back. Its limber support is not adjustable; still, it is great compared to most of the office chairs. Many chairs have bad postures though the price is very high. It can improve your sitting postures and provide more support for lower back.
  • Setting up is very simple. It takes 20 to 30 minutes. An Allen key is given with the chair for assembly. You may install armrest to seat, casters, backrest and control bracket.
  • Smooth motion, smooth casters and super cushioned seat along with vinyl on mesh and top on sides. Finally, this chair is the sturdier chairs with this price. Sometimes it reclines very nicely.


  • Though armrest is sturdy, it is not solid more at mid position and their high. It shakes a bit but may not seem very flimsy. The lowest setting is super.
  • The seat depth must increase two inches more. I am over 5.10 in height. I desire the seat gives more support for my legs.

2. Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction Chair

The chair comes with the multifunctional mechanism and having seat glide permit angle adjustment added with tilt seat and forward tilt.

Breathable and cool mesh back. The other features are fabric upholstery, cushioned seat and waterfall edge to aid relieving pressure on your legs.

Width and height adjustable arms with the soft polyurethane pads. Five stars base with casters for simple mobility.


  • Breathable and cool mesh back
  • High back 24 inches
  • Premium fabric upholstery and contoured seat cushion
  • Waterfall edge to relieve pressure on legs.
  • Forward tilt


  • Different levels of the chair are very wonderful. I got very wonderful position from my first-time use. Therefore it is very simple to go back to this position. You must not think more regarding this issue. Forget its approach.
  • I have already told that the seat cushion is very nice. This is very comfortable and wonderful for sitting over a long period of time.
  • The high mesh back adjusts well with a range of torso heights and gives more lumbar support.


  • I am much worried to see the shipment system of the chair. Lots of loose pieces are kept in a box that helps them to move easily and rubs against other parts. It creates lots of scratches on the rubber and plastic components which seem dirty.

3. Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Normally add your headset, set up your original office chair or throne, you will get much hold on your shoulder, neck, and back.

You will feel that you are in a cushion catcher holding your weight of the head, allow you to do work for eight hours every day.

Our engineers tried heart and soul to ensure that the headrest confirms proper sitting on the Aeron Chair.

Users have faced the similar problems like our customer; we give more stress on the accurate posture as well as ergonomics given by the All Herman Miller Aeron Chairs.

The H3 headrest gives more adjustability with the great price. Gradually it becomes our best model in the market.

It has three different types and permit you more customize the experience, ensures that the chair is only made for your personal preference.

Moreover, the headrest locks any position to give more support and may be familiar freely by the hand without getting up from the chair.


  • The mesh has a close match
  • The plastic looks like same plastic from which the Aeron chair is made of
  • The chair is very sturdy, and one screw is enough to keep in a fixed place. There is no chance to fall off the chair.


  • Possible to adjust in various ways which hit you accurately where you need it.
  • Truly mesh and comfortable. Therefore it doesn’t stick and breathes to your skin.


  • The fabric is a dissimilar one than my chair is made of. I hope a bit darker one.

4. Herman Miller Aeron Chair

The chair comes with the same as the description stated. It has only a few screws here and there; nothing can harm its integrity.

I have bought it from Madison Seating and sure to buy it from the third party seller, but I became surprised more. A return initiated, and they permit me rapidly. I am sure to buy it again.


  • Fully loaded chair or tension control
  • Forward tilt / Rear Tilt Lock / Lumber Lumber
  • Hardwood Floor Caster/ Size B fully loaded
  • Ten years limited warranty exclusively with Madison Seating.


  • Long lasting
  • Simple to clean
  • Perfect with the money


  • None

5. Serta Works Executive Office Chair

The Serta office chairs are made by considering the improvement of the posture of your body. There are programmers and gamers behind this chair who wonderfully shaped this chair.

The lumber and ergonomic seat give customized support and lessen the stress of back, shoulder, and neck. Its pneumatic seat height is adjustable to your height.

Its race car and sleek design make you feel sliding to the driver’s seat of a super performance race car.

The chair will make you feel cool as it has breathable mesh accents and faux leather upholstery. It can warm up for the subsequent presentation or round of Gran Turismo.


  • Aids programmers and gamers to have the following level
  • Contoured and ergonomic lumbar support removes back pain and neck. It keeps you at the top of the game.
  • The high-performance chair is made with the same comfort of a set of the car designed for optimized productivity.
  • Found in different colors such as Gray, Blue, Black, and Cream.
  • Breathable Faux leather. Mesh accents keep you cool at all times.


  • Wonderful appearance
  • Super comfortable
  • High-quality plastic than my office chair
  • Fabric and leather are not better than I hope
  • Rise higher than my need. I use a 30 inches high chair. This chair is a big one like me 6.2 inches height and 240 pounds.


  • Don’t like to suggest it for others who have wide enough appearance
  • Seat cushions are less comfortable than I hope. It will be better if seats are made of one material rather than nylon or pleather fabric.

How do you choose the best chair for programmers?

There are lots of advantages over years of ergonomic technology, but the company is changing their products constantly to meet the demand of the customers.

For the new technique, like smartphones and tablets, we are looking for new postures which chair may not support.

The chair has enough space to support body posture of the users


As you have to stay or sit on it for a longer period, an important aspect is the comfort of the chair.


The extent of the neck and the way to seat off the chair affect the shoulder and the neck. A stiff neck may be a good type of painful affair.


The most affected part of the body is the back side of a person. Improper support of the back side may cause severe backaches for the users.


Except for right support and posture, a great amount of pressure many experts on your hips and may be a painful matter over time.

Some key features of coding chairs


The chair must have a wonderful adjusting mechanism to cater to the need of the height.

Before taking the decision to buy it, sit on the chair and see the legs are flat on the floor and the knees are at 90 degrees


Different parts of the chair must be adjusted to various ranges. The backrest, the armrest, seat height, seat and neck rest must adjust individually for each other.

Back support

The backrest should support your lower back and upper back. It must support the natural curve of the back well.

Lumbar support

The lower back support is very essential as it is an inward curve and the chair have to choose fit it curve correctly for a comfortable feeling.

Chair Size

The Big Chair is not beneficial, and the small chair is uncomfortable. The ideal seat must be an inch width of your hips.

Seat Padding

The seat padding must be of high quality to confirm it can hold your weight for a long time. When the foams get damaged, the sitting must be uncomfortable.


The chair must be tilt backward. The feature is great if you sit for a long time at a stretch and would like to reduce pressure on your back. Besides, you may recline the chair to keep your back.

Final Words

Professional software developers spend long hours before a PC by sitting on a chair. It means that the chair they use have a long lasting effects on how they work.

Choosing this chair has a long term repercussions for the well being of the users and on the health. It may seem inconsequential considering the face value.

Some of the most common problems included herniated discs and chronic back pain. So buying the best chair is a very difficult task for the software engineers.

They have to buy the best chair considering all the features of the chair that are fit for their need.

With the passage of time, there have been incredible developments in the ergonomics chairs. Tablet and Smartphones have come in the market with the advancement of newer technological gadgets.

Many new postures are found now in chairs which aren’t available in ordinary office chair.

Subsequently the most important factor to think about is the posture of the chair. If you take seat on it for a long time, you would not feel comfort. Finally a chair should confirm enough back and neck support.

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