10 Best Chair for Programmers in 2020 (Ultimate Buying Guide)

Best Chair for Programmers

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Programming is an incredibly lucrative tech job that requires spending countless hours in front of the computer writing code and fixing errors and bugs that keep arising. While working seated in front of your computer may seems like the most relaxed job in the world, it can easily take a toll on your body.

Without a good chair, spending the better part of your day, every day glued to your computer can quickly cause pain to your back, shoulders, and neck or much worse negatively influence circulation.

As such, you need to invest in a quality, ergonomic chair and improve your overall programming experience. However with a huge selection to choose from, you might get stuck sifting through the many available options as you look for the perfect fit.

So whether you want to upgrade or your good old chair is beyond repair, below is our comprehensive list of the best chairs for programmers in this year.

Best Overall

Herman Miller Embody Chair: Fully Adj Arms - Graphite Frame/Base - Standard Carpet Casters

Herman Miller Embody Chair: Fully Adj Arms

Herman Miller is a reputable brand well known for their luxurious and high-quality chairs . This Herman Miller Embody is a unique chair made for officer use. The design of this chair ensures that your body gets a healthy blood circulation for increased support and comfort. This way, you can fully concentrate on your job without fatigue and lower back pains and this is why it is your perfect fit for every programmer.

Best Value

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair Massage Computer Gaming Chair Reclining Racing Office Chair with...

Ficmax Ergonomic Programmer Chair

Apart from being disturbingly well-designed, we can confidently say that this legitimate masterpiece is the only mid-range chair that offers the best value.  It is expertly designed for comfort with 180 degrees full tilt mechanism, retractable footrest, adjustable armrest, large seat cushion and complimentary neck pillow. This Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming chair is a complete package worth your money.

Top 10 Chair for Programmers in Reviews

1. Herman Miller Embody Chair: Fully Adj Arms

The Herman Miller is a reputable brand in the production of top-of-the-line office chairs that are sure to meet the needs of any person who spend long hours in front of their computer. And that’s why the Herman Miller Embody chair tops our list of the best chairs for programmers. This ergonomic chair is specially designed to provide you with exceptional comfort during your long coding sessions.

Features and Benefits

This amazing chair has generous dimensions of 29 x 29.5 x 43.5 inches, which makes it occupy much lesser space. Weighing approximately 52 pounds, this seat is lightweight enough to carry or move around.

It’s designed with a human-spine like structure with flexible ribs that moves together with your body posture, which helps you maintain proper body posture.

This seat also comes with some incredible adjustability features such as tilt-limiter, backfit adjustment, and adjustable armrest. These ergonomic functions allow you to adjust the seat as you desire to achieve the most comfortable position.

The chair’s fabric is breathable and allows proper circulation of air, ensuring you remain cool throughout the entire coding session.

What We Like

This Embody chair has a modern design with a unique spine-like structure on the back, which makes it a cozy and supportive chair for any programmer out there. It’s also designed to minimize the pressure in your lower back, which can hugely help relieve any back pain you may experiencing. This also helps stimulate proper circulation of blood and oxygen throughout your body while you’re busy working.

The seat is wide enough to comfortably fit even bigger people. The textile used is not only comfortable to rest on even for long hours but also ensures you remain cool.

Apart from its ergonomic and stylish design, this chair comes with 12 years of warranty, which clearly indicates it’s a highly durable seat.


While this chair comes loaded with great ergonomic features and a nice design, some programmers may not afford it since it’s highly priced.

Our verdict:  The Herman Miller Embody is ideal for any programmer ready to invest a significant amount on an ergonomic chair that provides them with the best back support and comfort while they work.

2. Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming or Office Chair with Footrest

An upgrade version of Ficmax’s previous gaming chair model, this chair is uniquely built for comfort and support during extended gaming or programming sessions.

Features and Benefits

This ergonomic chair has a sleek design with an eye-catching racing-seat style, making a perfect addition to your contemporary workstation.  It comes with a USB massaging feature fitted in the lumbar cushion part.

This chair is designed with a plush PU leather coating that’s super-easy to clean and fade-resistant. It has a sturdy wheelbase and alloy frame with a high-density sponge, making for an exceptionally comfortable incline for your back and body alike.

It measures 13 x 34 x 25 inches and weighs roughly 55 pounds. It’s designed to perfectly support weights of up to 300 pounds. This programmer chair also includes some nice ergonomic features including a 180-degree tilt, adjustable armrest, and retractable footrest mechanism.

What We Like

The chair’s sleek, racing style design looks amazing and is sure to add a touch of style to your home office. The seat’s thick foam padding and premium leather covering ensures you get optimal comfort while you’re coding.

It also has some amazing extra features such as a built in massager for added comfort. It has a responsive height adjustment, and lumbar and lower back support for extra comfort. The headrest pillow also ensures your maximum comfort to your shoulders and neck.

It’s strong framework and quality materials makes this chair incredibly durable.


The footrest must be pulled manually before using it. The overall design may not be the most suitable for an office setting.

Our verdict: The FicMax Ergonomic Gaming Chair is an ideal chair for programmers looking for something stylish and packed with some unique features for added comfort and support while working for long hours.

3. SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Chair

The SPACE Seating Professional is the perfect ergonomic chair both for your home and work office setting. It’s designed strong and comfortable enough to sit on for long hours while using your computer.

Features and Benefits

This office chair has a simple and functional design with a breathable mesh backrest with incorporated lumbar support for additional comfort as you’re programming.

Measuring 25 x 27 x 42 inches, this chair has a decent size and the seat itself boasts a generous padding for extra comfort and breathability. The seat slider allows you to adjust the seat’s depth and height to your desired sitting needs.

Another great feature is the pneumatic seat adjustment that enables you to achieve your desired height while sitting on your desk. The armrests are nicely angled and adjustable and come with soft PU-pads coating for extra comfort to your arms while working.

What We Like

This chair has a lightweight design and comes fitted with caster wheels that roll easily, which makes moving it pretty easy for you. Another great thing is that it’s built strong and sturdy enough to support even those on the heavier side.

The seat is super cushioned and covered with premium eco-leather, which ensures you stay comfortable even when working for a prolonged time.

It comes with several adjustment options, which makes it easy for you to adjust it to suit your desired height and seat depth for additional comfort. Extra lumbar and backrest support makes sure you maintain good posture while you’re using this ergonomic chair.

It’s also pretty easy to assemble and it’s available in three different colors, so you can choose one that complements your office décor.


Some people may find it hard to adjust the armrests or even to assemble the chair since it comes disassembled.

Our verdict:  If your budget is tight and you want an ergonomic chair that’s both comfortable and supportive, this SPACE Seating Professional chair is perfect for you. This chair is sure to keep you from feeling any back pain or discomfort even after coding for the entire day.

4. BestOffice PC Gaming and Ergonomic Office Chair

This ergonomic chair by BestOffice comes at an affordable price and delivers tremendous value in terms of comfort and functionality. This BestOffice chair is specially made to take off the load from your back while working on your computer for stretches of time.

Features and Benefits

This chair has a sleek, futuristic look with its racing-inspired style, making a great addition to your home office. With its sunning design, the chair comes packed with some outstanding features starting from breathable premium grade PU leather covering to a thickly cushioned seat.  

The tubular framework is made of steel and incorporates ergonomic footrest and armrest for improved relaxation while you’re busy building systems.

This chair boasts a 360-degree swivel that allows for maximum mobility and an adjustable recliner mechanism that can tilt up to 180-degree, enabling you to rest in a flat position. And it’s offered in six different colors.

What We Like

What you’ll like most about this chair is its exceptional lumbar support that ensures your back is well supported for long hours. It has some great adjustability options that help promote a proper and cozier sitting position, which is crucial when in front of your computer for prolonged time.

It can also tilt to a 180-degree position, allowing you to relax for some time from your hectic work. With its neck pillow and lumbar support system, you can rest assured that your neck and spine is well supported.


This chair may not be ideal for those on the heavier side. The armrests are also not adjustable.

Our verdict:  Overall the chair offers you a comfortable sitting whilst focused writing code throughout the entire day. So, of you feel pain on your back or neck during long coding hours, then this chair can be a perfect fit for you.

5. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Another superb chair from Herman Miller, the Aeron is one of the most iconic ergonomic chairs ever built. In fact, this was the first chair to incorporate a mesh seat instead of a foam and fabric seat. Due to its ergonomic design, this chair has been a favorite among programmers for quite some time.

Features and Benefits

This stylish chair comes in various Aeron sizes and color options, giving you the freedom to select your preferred color and a size that delivers maximum comfort and support.

The Aeron is built using premium materials including the 8Z Pellicle elastomeric suspension for its seat and backrest for improved durability while providing you with superior comfort and support.

The armrests are designed adjustable to ensure you stay in a position that you feel most comfortable. It also boasts a tilt-limiter and an adjustable PostureFit SL, which help you achieve the most comfortable sitting position during long working hours.

What We Like

The most striking thing about this chair is the ability to promote proper circulation and blood flow.

This chair has some great adjustable functions that nicely and comfortably support you the range of motions, ensuring you remain in a good position and well-balanced .

It’s specially designed to distribute your weight evenly, releasing pressure points, while keeping you cool during warmer climates.

The use of PostureFit tech ensures you get additional lower back and spine support, which is often a big problem for people who spend many hours in front of their computer.

The casters are adequate enough and allow for hassle-free movement.  It’s also built to last longer than most office chairs and super easy to clean.


This chair may be quite costly, particularly if you’re working on a budget.

Our verdict: This chair is good for programmers who spend stretches of time glued to their computers and are need an ergonomic chair to evade unhealthy posture.

6. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

This ergonomic office chair, designed by Duramont boasts various ergonomic adjustments, which help to maintain the neck and spine in perfect position.

Features and Benefits

The various adjustability functions that this chair offers you include adjustability of the backrest tilt; lumbar support depth and height; headrest angle and height; tilt tension; armrest height; and the seat height.

These features allow you to set the chair up in a way that ensures your spine and neck is properly aligned whilst coding long hours at your desk.

This chair also comes fitted with quality casters that allow you to smoothly roll it on anything. The breathable backrest mesh enhances circulation of air, ensuring that you remain cool throughout.

This adjustable office chair is built using quality materials, ensuring that it lasts. It’s also designed to comfortably support nearly 330 pounds.

What We Like

This is chair has a simple, elegant design that can make a perfect addition for your home or work office space. It also an affordable option that includes plenty of ergonomic adjustment functions for added comfort and support.

It’s made using high-quality materials to give you the best programming experience such as breathable backrest mesh ensures you stay cool even during hot summer months.

The chair is has a unique design that protect your neck and spine, ensuring that you maintain a healthy posture while at your desk working.


This ergonomic chair has many customization features, which some users may find difficult to adjust.

Our verdict:  This ergonomic office chair can be an ideal solution for long hours sitting problems since it’s uniquely designed and built to offer adequate and consistent support and comfort.

7. Homall High Back Office Computer Chair and Gaming Chair

This gaming chair by Homall is designed to offer extra comfort and functionality, making a suitable option for people who spend plenty of time at their desk working.

Features and Benefits

This chair comes armed with some pretty impressive features such as the multi-direction wheels that allow you to make 360-degree swivels and smooth movements on a floor.

It has a racing-style seat design and is available in four different colors, making it easy for you to choose one that nicely complements your office decor.

The gaming desk chair features premium PU Leather covering and a high-density foam, making it comfy to sit in for long hours. It boasts an adjustable gas spring cylinder with a rocking mechanism that nicely moves you back and forth, giving you a more cozy experience.

This chair is designed to support a 300 pound weight capacity and generously sized seating area.

What We Like

This gaming chair looks elegant and makes a great addition for your work station. With a variety of color options to choose from, you are sure to find one that best suits your style.

The seat itself has nice padding as well as on the backrest so that you don’t experience any discomfort while you’re working. Not to mention it’s made using quality material to ensure it serves you for long.

It as well comes with a one year warranty, so you can rest assured you will get a quality chair for your desk.


The armrest is not the most comfortable

Our verdict:  This ergonomic office desk chair can be a solid option if you want something with a strong and quality construction with good lumbar support.

8. Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair

Hbada is an office chair with a premium design and excellent ergonomics that allows you to tilt back about 155-degrees, allowing you sometime to rest from your hectic work.

Features and Benefits

This ergonomic chair features a sleek, high-end design with a white exoskeleton coupled with a black finish.  It is available in black and white hues with footrest variants and can nicely compliment your modern office space.

Measuring about 27 x 27 x 46 inches, this chair doesn’t take much of your office space.  It chair itself weighs approximately 34 pounds and can hold a maximum of 225 pounds weight capacity. 

The breathable mesh used provides you with a better programming experience while using the chair during the warmer summer months. The headrest is made to allow you to adjust its height and angle for proper support.

It’s also flexible and nicely adjusts to your body motion, allowing you to maintain a healthy sitting position. The seat has thick foam padding, making it comfortable for you when working for long hours.

What We Like

The Hbada professional chair has a great construction quality as it’s made using both metal and plastic material that guarantees longevity. It has a striking superior sleek design that’s sure to boost your home office’s aesthetics.

The spine-like frame and the nicely shaped head and backrest are designed to naturally fit your body shape. The lockable recliner along with the leg rests are particularly great when you’re feeling tired and need to relax for a few minutes.


The footrest may appear flimsy when used by larger individuals.

Our verdict:  The Hbada is an affordable office chair that’s full of style and functionality, making it a superb option for people who experience back pain and discomfort after spending hours at their desk.

9. Serta Executive Office Chair 43673

Serta is a reputable brand known for excellent ergonomic leather chair that offer comfort, style and quality.

Features and Benefits

First, this ergonomic chair is tall enough to ensure your head can rest against the chair and has a padding that adds comfort in the entire chair.

This innovative chair features an in-motion technology, which is designed to office chair comes equipped with an in-motion technology, which is designed to move your pelvis forward and to maintain your back in a neutral position.

The components of the chair are made with high-quality materials to ensure it serves your through ages. And its hand-carved arms are supple and bonded with leather upholstery to bring out a modern and luxurious look in your office.

What We Like

It has an adjustable and built-in lumbar mechanism for improved back support especially for people who experience back pains as well as tilt mechanisms with vast locking adaptions.

The chair looks elegant and stylish thanks to its plastic frame, espresso color and the bentwood base and armrests.


This Serta chair has limited adjustments.

Our verdict:  If you are on a budget, Serta Executive Office Chair is your perfect office chair. Its lockout mechanism and lockout feature allows you to control the height until you find the best position. The padded seat and the upholstered arms ensure that you get maximum comfort.

10. Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair

From one of the reputable names in the office furniture industry, this Herman Miller headrest sets the standard for the best chair headrests for programmers.

Features and Benefits

The headrest is designed adjustable, which makes it easy to customize its height and achieve a comfy position to rest your head.

The mesh material is truly comfortable and breathable; ensuring your skin remains cool throughout. The mesh is also designed to hold the weight of your head in a proper position, which allows you to work for longer hours each day without any discomfort.

It comes in three various types, ensuring you select one that suits your ergonomic chair.

What We Like

The headrest is designed to match the chair creating an overall appealing look. The plastic material used is of high-quality and also matches with that of the Aeron chair. It’s designed super-easy to fit as you only use a single screw to have it in a firm position.


Some user complains about size and back pain issues after using this product.

Our verdict: This headrest is ideal for programmers looking for something quality, affordable and comfortable to rest their head during long coding hours.

How to Choose the Best Chairs for Programmers?

It’s no doubt programming demands long siting hours, and that’s why you need to invest in a quality chair to help maintain the right posture and to ensure you can sit for long. Although some people claim that working while seated doesn’t affect your body, the fact is, prolonged seating can cause serious health problems like increased weight, chronic back aches and fatigue. To avoid such risks and to improve productivity, you need to adopt healthy working habits with a quality programmer chair. 

So as you shop for the best workspace chair, there are several factors you should consider that are crucial in decision making. Such factors ensure that you pay attention to personal needs and preferences as the lead instead of depending on other people’s recommendations.

Range of Seat Height

When choosing the right chair, you need one that can be adjusted depending on your height or your preferred seat height. This allows you to sit comfortably while working even for long hours. For instance, you can sit with your thighs parallel to the floor, your feet comfortably resting flat while keeping your knees lower than the hips.


Ultimately, your office should perfectly adjust to meet your needs. Before you make a purchase ensure that the chair has the right reclining range, be lowered or raised with ease, and has flexible armrests. This will help your posture as well as ensure that you are comfortable while working.

Quality of the Materials

An office chair is in service for hours and days in a row, and is usually moved from one area to another within the office. That’s why you need the best chair that can withstand the test of quality. This is the ability of the chair to last long, survive spills and dirt among other incidents.

High quality materials and workmanship play a vital role, and choosing the right quality equates to better posture and stability for your back as well as maintaining the shape of your lumbar support. Also choose a chair with a comfortable soft padding and a breathable cloth for maximum comfort.

Lumbar Adjustment and Support

The right chair should provide proper support for your lower back. If you sit for long hours but experience extreme lower back pain, you need a chair that has lumbar support and adjustment. This will also help avoid slouching, which can be caused by wrong chair/ desk height, uncomfortable chairs among others.

There is a wide array of ergonomic chairs that you can choose from but only pick one that sustain and support the needs of your lumbar spine.

Foundation and Base Stability

The main purpose of an office chair is to offer comfort and support, and that’s why you need to check on the stability of the base and foundation of the chair.  Choose one that will not tip over when gliding or reclining. Instead, look for a chair that has several spoke bases to add more support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gaming chairs ideal for programmers?

Yes, a programmer can use a gaming chair. This is because gaming chairs allows you to adjust the backrest and height. In addition, these are high-performance chairs that you can work from for long hour without any back or neck pain.

Better yet, these chairs offer adequate comfort and support, and come with unmatched ergonomic support to rectify your bad posture, thus improving productivity.

What are the most vital features of a good programming chair?

The perfect chair for a programmer should be able to keep your back upright for the prolonged period of work time. The chair should have adjustable headrest, armrests, and lumber support, high back, flexible knee support, dual caster wheels, and foamy seat pan. It should also be easily integrated into a revolving chair to ensure you have smooth movement within the office as well as ease of access.

What’s the price range for the best programmer’s chairs?

When choosing the best programmer chair, the first factor to consider is the price. The price of office chair range from budget luxurious although you might find a few that compromises both. However, always remember that a cheap office chair may be unsuitable for the long working since they are mostly made of low quality materials and are poorly constructed. Moreover, an uncomfortable seat can pose long term health risks.

So invest in a high-quality chair that can last for years and prevent discomfort and back pains while working. The hours of use and comfort you get from a decent programmer outweigh the money and time spent on repairs and replacements.


Most people are always complaining about how their office chairs are uncomfortable, even if they spend a few hours per day at their desks. And for programmers it doesn’t get better. The problems are magnified and can result in discomfort and health conditions. That’s why it’s vital to invest in the right programmer chair to stay healthy and to increase productivity

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