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Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Reviews

In this place, you will get the detailed information about the Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Soft 3D Hand Massage EC01. The chair has all the features of the high-quality chair that you are looking for your friends, family, and relatives.

You could give it as a gift to someone who is suffering from back pain or who like to enjoy good sitting at home.



It gives roller for rejuvenating the mind and body by relieving and relaxing stress from the muscles.

For different organizations, there are various settings of the massage chair. Only you need simple efforts. You may select the kneading program for the chair to work. The chair will work for EC01 leg’s flexibility or mobility or improve the overall posture.

The chair gives four dissimilar massage programs, like the present, extend, recovery, present relax, refresh. Each of them has adjusted to the certain areas of the body and would like to work on it.

It is whole body massager and does work from neck to the feet. It gives vibration to the buttocks and air pressure massage. There are bags with the massage and on the thighs and calves. The arms get massaged with eh air squeeze.

BestMassage BM-EC01 Features

To upgrade function, the massage chair uses 3D technology and features. There are four auto programs with the chair and simple to use. The chair has zero gravity function that makes you weightless and aid to relieve pressure on the joints or back.

The BM-EC01 has four intelligent rollers and 11 powerful motors that give relaxing or satisfactory full body massage. It has the wide extension, be sure you get full treatment neck to the vertebrae’s tailbone.

Massage padding is decorated to aim tsubo points for the next for a great massage. There are 20 airbags with the massage to back and thighs. The chair is entirely automatic and has features like reclining and raising for the ottoman and backrest.


Wide rollers are powerful rollers give total relaxation from neck to the tailbone by a vertical movement which gives the very effective massage.


Shiatsu is an eastern massage therapy and aid to reduce stress as well as rejuvenates the mind and body. The chair has handled well to capture this technique.

Chop Action Tapping

Chop action may be useful for targeting the stressed and stiff out muscles. This would remove discomfort or aches.


There is the sensor for acupuncture points. In this way, you will get an invigorating body massage that aids to feel you completely relaxed.


Flapping is a way of massage that highlights the deep tissue muscles. This method aid stimulates or strengthens the nerve which makes your body stronger or skin feel fresher.


The massage chair works like stimulator to remove impurities and toxins from organs or tissues. The combo of vibration massage and the back roller give a total of full body massage.

  • The chair provides various intensity levels of therapeutic massage for adjusting the user’s choice while she or he relaxes out.
  • The massage gives very direct in addressing muscle tension, stiff joints, cellulite storage, poor circulation, and decrease mobility.
  • The preset programs and the functions move at a slow or fast pace and users all kinds of pressure that target acupuncture points and fatigue muscles.
  • The chair is big and heavy; it requires two persons to bring and move the chair.
  • Another thing the shortage of vibration in the arms and legs as this will do work for your feet and backside.



Get the Zero Gravity Shiatsu BestnMassage EC-01 today

Besides there are different functions, it has four built-in programs like present extent, instant recovery, existing refresh programs and current extent that the users may customize own massage on the aspire level of intensity, strength, and speed.

Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

The chair is designed with an Air Pressure System having 20 airbags at the lower part of the chair to ensure the lower extremities for perfect blood circulation and massage therapy. It has many levels of intensity for you to select from.

The chair gives high power vibration motor and the air pressure massage for the buttocks. Two levels airbags in the thighs, air squeeze for the arms and modified airbag massage adding with the kneading function for the calves.

The addition of the chair set would be a breeze for the LED remote control got by the side of the chair. The automatic angle adjustment for the foot and the back ensure a relaxed seated position, does not matter how far back the recline.

The durable synthetic leather upholstery has felt, look and relax of the leather which is cool for touching and does not require consistent cleaning.

It has 11 motors, four roller systems for massaging your back, legs, and necks. The flexibility will shape and follow the contours of the back, working on the particular points and muscle to give the soothing and realistic massage. The chair has an extensive back range as rollers’ go down to the tailbone.

The Adjustable Massage Strength /Speed/Width is possible to get at the controls, so you should not fidgeting in the middle of the massage chair. The assembly of the full Body EC01 user-friendly for giving an instruction sheet with the package for maintenance and easy installation.

Why should you pick a zero gravity massage chair?

Zero gravity method leads to an increase in price, so the unaware customers are amazed, this is best for the higher price point. This is the extra benefit of the fantastic.

Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

The most useful is to take inversion at the time of your massage. Many of us who are suffering from back pain tried tables to some points or other, while the benefits are daunting. While the zero gravity does not give the same amount of advantages, it gives some hard to find merits.

Another advantage is the position scientifically best proven to relax. The additional relaxation is significant benefits as the adjustment of various actions take total experience from relaxing to complete life change.

This is the best place to keep the body inside the chair. You will fell just an astronaut traveling the starry abyss as this has great ways to remove the press of gravity from the weary frame.

The chair will make a different world in your home, the benefits and merits of the chair are amazing.

Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Reviews


Product Info- Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Reviews

  • Item Weight: 400 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Item model number: BM-EC01
  • ASIN: B007X94B5Q

User review of Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

It took many experimenting to get it to work comfortably

The chair is difficult to keep together, both for poorly written, vague indications, the amount of pressure needed to obtain two pieces lined up, so the screw will go deep into the holes. The chair is very weighty.

I would not suggest it for the upper level of the location; I am not sure the floor would hold it or not. The chair will take more experiment to do its function well.

I simply love this chair

My husband bought it for me as Christmas gift, and this is the best gift. I use the massage chair every day. I have got fibromyalgia, and it helps for relaxing the muscles and lessens some pain and stiffness.

Everyone likes it and a few made plan to get it. It does work for the whole body; the strength is real, and you will feel it. I suggest this for those who are suffering from back pain, or like to have good massage therapy at home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Question: Does message chair create heat?

Answer: No, this chair has no heat. I used one chair which has no heat.

Question: Does the chair come with rollers on the bottom of the floor?

Answer: Yes, this one comes with rollers.

Question: does it come with neck also?

Answer: Yes. It comes along with massage neck.

Final Verdict

We need to relax, remove stress and rejuvenate the body, the mind. Thanks for this massage chair. We do not like to go to spas or the massage parlors to do it. Best massage chairs are affordable and function well the massage chair.

The EC01 has a small flow; the high-quality product is worth buying. The price is low, has lots of features and functions create the EC01 a significant investment.

Poly and Bark Burton Arm Chair Review

Do you like to decorate your living room with innovative and extraordinary furniture?

You can surely consider the lines of the Louis Ghost Style Armchair. As you have nice style and taste, you can get it through Louis Ghost Style Armchair.

This chair is made of durable and strong polycarbonate materials. So the chair saves space in your room. It is stackable for your expediency. This is clear from the top to the base.

Poly and Bark Louis Ghost Style Arm Chair

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The chair comes before you fully assembled for having a clear color. It has safety non-marring feet.

You may pair perfectly with any décor. The most advantage of the chair is that you can clean it very easily. Moreover, taking care of it is very simple. All the chairs are UV protective.

Features of Poly and Bark Burton Arm Chair

  • Constructed of long-lasting polycarbonate material.
  • UV protective and stackable up to five high
  • Single mold injection for robustness and toughness
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Come with fully assembled
  • Set of two Louis Ghost chair transparent armchair


  • Safety non-marring feet.
  • Constructed of long-lasting polycarbonate materials
  • UV protective
  • To ensure sturdiness it has single mold injection.
  • Completely assembled


  • None

Why You Choose Poly and Bark Burton Arm Chair

Cool, Modern Aesthetic

There are different colors of this armchairs. All are a modern touch to your outdoor and indoor living spaces. All these armchairs are very simple and easy to clean.


The chair comes in different colors. You may choose your desired color according to your need.

The chair is made of polycarbonate materials. The molded chair is stackable for your handiness. It also saves the space of your room.

Exceptional Construction

You generally like to get wonderful style and nice taste. One will get all these things in this wonderful Louis Ghost Style Armchair.

What Others Say About Poly and Bark Burton Arm Chair

The chair is well made, sturdy and reasonably priced. It is a classic reproduction. The chair gives comfort to the users for a long time.

I would like to use this casual seating in my bedroom. I got that it takes minimal space to look but renders great service.

What Others Say About Poly and Bark Burton Arm Chair

I don’t suggest other to use this chair in a dining room unless people dining is in their 20’s.

The comfort level is what you aspire from a plastic chair. I would like to give 4 stars for this comfort. Remember that the chair isn’t made for comfort.

Needless to say, the chair is great, made with great care. If you don’t get much comfort for sitting a long time, you shouldn’t buy this chair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Poly and Bark Burton Arm Chair

Question: How much time does it take to deliver?

Answer: I have ordered on a Friday and I have got the item on in the following Monday.

Question: How much weight is the capacity of this chair?

Answer: There is no clear implication of weight bearing ability of this chair. It is fine for all average size people. I have seen people whose weight is 180 pounds. He or she can sit on it very comfortably. It is made of solid materials so there is no issue of the arms chair. This chair is more comfortable what you have thought.

Question: What are the arm and the seat height for these?

Answer: Hi, the height of the seat is almost 18 & 1/2 inches. Moreover, it has a little ¼ inch pitch from the front middle to the back. The arm height of the chair is 26 inch. This is perfect for a 5’11” man. All these chairs are very comfortable. So I love and like this chair very much.


The chair is very sturdy and long durable. All chairs are nicely packed. When I carried it to the upstairs, I was much excitement as these chairs are very lightweight.

Now the chair is dressed up with few darker 20×20 handmade, wildly colorful Mexican throw pillows in winter.

You can change the lighter white linen pillows for using it in the summer season.

Kore Patented WOBBLE Chair Review – You May Trust The Review

Kore is not only a chair but also life change furniture for the kids. The curvature of this chair is patented.

Kids are active when they sit on it. The chair also rolls with the natural movement of your child.

So the child feels more comfortable when they sit on the chair. The child may wiggle, sit and fidget on this ingenious stool.

Kore Patented WOBBLE Chair, Made in the USA, Active Sitting for Toddler, Pre-School, Kids, and Pre-Teens

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You can use this chair for various purposes such as eating, drawing, homework and play video games. This chair is a super addition to a classroom.

It is safe enough. This chair is nothing but a piece of furniture. It works as a life changer for active kids.

You will get lots of colors of the Wobble chairs. Among them choose the best one to set accurately in your room.

The wobble chair is manufactured only in the USA. Additionally, the weight limit of the chair is 250 pounds.

The wobble chair increases the flow of the blood to the brain. So quiets the demand of the fidgety kids to move.

Kids are more productive and learn very quickly. The un-reachable kids learn something by sitting on the Wobble chairs.

You will get some necessary guidelines to choose a wobble chair for your child.

If your child uses a wobble chair, your kid will be able to think more. You can store the chair easily by 3 pieces. The chair is very nice to use in the house.

The price of this chair is lower and storage is very simple. We suggest this wobble chair for elementary age child who desires to move around.

Features of Kore Patented WOBBLE Chair

  • Toddler(10in high): blue, purple, red, yellow
  • Pre-school(12in high): blue, red, green, dark blue, purple
  • Kids(14in high): green, red, purple, blue, white, dark blue, yellow, black, soft gray
  • Teen(18in high): dark green, purple, dark blue, black, soft gray


  • Very relaxed and helps the child to remain focused on schoolwork.
  • Kids like this chair very much.


  • Nothing

Why Kore Patented WOBBLE Chair is Best For Your Kids

Wobbly Bridge Pose – Allow the child to lie on the ground with his heel up on this back on the wobble chair.

Tell him to press into his heels and raise his bottom up off the ground to bridge pose. To get more motivation use a rolling ball beneath the bridge.

Tippy Tummy Time

Place your child on the top of the chair with her tummy. Notice if she is able to raise her arms before her like a super flying hero. At that time keep her knees on the ground.

Then notice if she is able to lift her legs and arms at the same time, harmonizing her stomach on the chair.

Strengthening Plank

Permit the kids to keep their hands on the chair, expanding his legs behind into a board pose.

This needs efforts to keep the body in stable position while maintaining on the unsteady chair.

Around the World

This is really a fun! Give your child more vestibular input by spinning them slowly on the chair since they like to take rest on it in sitting or on their tummies.

Sit and Stretch

Attempt few dynamic reaching activities for the child seated on the chair. Do they able to reach up top and side by side leave stickers on the wall?

Are they able to grasp toys or objects on the ground to shoot them toward a target or in a basket?

What Does User Say About Kore Patented WOBBLE Chair?

All the students in my special classroom sit on the Wobble chairs. They found much comfort and like it very much.

What Does User Say About Kore Patented WOBBLE Chair

I have set them on the computers but the students like to set them where they like. Some very well rock forth and back through some spin around. This movement aids maintain focus.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Kore Patented WOBBLE Chair

Question: dimension for elementary

Answer: Normally 14 inches or the new sixteen inches.

Question: My son is only eight years old. He is taller than his age. Is there any guide that will help to choose between teen or kid?

Answer: Measure the sitting position of your kids on a chair. You can do it from the floor to the height of the seat. Select the place where your kids feel more comfortable. My granddaughter is only 8 who would like to sit on the chair. She is very tall. Perhaps 5th grader. So I have ordered teen chair for her. The height of the teen chair is only 18 inches, not twenty inches as posted.

Question: How can I measure the right seat for my child or toddler? I don’t know which one is right for him. My kid is only five.

Answer: I have purchased a 14 inches chair for my kindergarten students. It adjusts well for him. Even the adults can sit on it very well occasionally.


Kids don’t like to sit on a chair if it is not comfortable. There should remain more space on the seat to be their energetic selves.

Kore’s ingenious wobble chair is made in such a way that it moves with the natural movement of your child.

When a child sits on a wobble he or she feels comfortable and secure. The reason is the child stays supported. Ordinary chairs are uncomfortable and don’t help more with the posture of the child.

Kids can wiggle, sit and fidget on this nifty chair though intuitively exercising their back muscles and work hard to get support and comfort.

HON Low Back Task Chair HVL210 Review

The design of this chair is very simple. But within this simple design, there is well-considered cushion and support system.

A contoured sandwich mesh is tactfully included into the chair to ensure strong shape. The chair has breathability also.

On the seat of the chair, there is well padding or good cushion. You will see 2 layers of padding. This is a great attraction for many people.

Basyx by HON VL210 Mesh Low-Back Task Chair - Black

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The setting of waterfall edge helps users most for circulation. There are some people who like it much. On the other hand, there are some guys who are also less impressed by it.

The support of these thicker cushioned seats of the chair ensures that it is well made.

As a result, the chair lasts for a long time in the office. This type of design is called a shared space.

It means that the chair will give peace and comfort in the mind of the users. It goes on with having five-point starbases.

Features of HON Low Back Task Chair

  • The chair has contoured sandwich mesh seat back cushion that comes with 2 layers of padding. For this reason, your body is supported enough, happy and cool. You can concentrate your work.
  • Without spending more you can expand the furniture in your room with having more working comfort.
  • You must take care of this comfortable chair while you work pneumatic height adjustment, adjustable and easy recline.
  • Swivel around to collaborate with the teammate, pull up the computer desk or wheel over to the snack place for an instant break with this 5-star resin base and long lasting wheels.


  • This chair is resilient and sturdy
  • The design of the chair is very nice and fits well in the offices
  • Has more back support


  • There require some adjustment for tilt and seat
  • Have mix reviews regarding comfort

Why You Choose HON Low Back Task Chair

Professional Office Space

This is a nice addition to your office and home. There are lots of features with the chair. Customizable controls, high-quality materials, and reasonably priced features are a great solution for any application.

Personal Office Space

This chair has a waterfall front edge and double layered cushion to give tailored support for the user. It minimizes your comfort for having contoured seat.

Clean Visual Design

The clean visual design of the chair is very nice. Its ergonomic adjustments are enough to develop productivity. You can do your office work and computer work by sitting on it.


This chair is suggested to use for the users up to 250 pounds. You will get five years limited warranty on the product.

If you see any defect of the basyx by HON product or component, the manufacturer is ready to replace or repair it.

You will get five years warranty for workmanship or defective in materials from the original date of buying. Only the original buyer will get this warranty.

Basic Trouble Shooting of HON Low Back Task Chair

Be sure the cylinder is mounted on the tilt mechanism very well. If it is not mounted well, you can re-assemble or remove it.

Be sure the mechanism is mounted on the seat pan in a good direction. If it is not mounted well also, you can reassemble and remove it.

Basic Trouble Shooting of HON Low Back Task Chair

The biggest issue with this HON HVL210 Low Back Task Chair is the lack of adjustments.

Office workers desire to get a desk chair which has flexibility and adjustments on board to get the exact position.

Moreover, they desire much comfort. The problem is that this chair does not fulfill only these limited requirements.

The specification speaks about adjustable and easy recline and the standard of the pneumatic height adjustment.

Yet there are many buyers who are not impressed by the rigid feel of the back or the lack of options.

There is no armrest adjusted with the chair. It may be a pro or sometimes may be a con. It is totally up to the preference of the users.

Is this basyx by HON HVL210 Office Chair still recommendable with this problem in mind?

There are few limitations. It means that this mesh chair is dear to an only certain group of people.

People who like to get something high comfort and adaptable may let down by required of movement of this chair.

Suppose you would like to get a chair that is very wonderful to look at. At the same time, you hope more comfort by sitting on it.

Then you can buy this chair. It means that the shared office chair in communal areas that it may have been.

Manufacturers are trying their best to change the design of the chair down the line.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on HON Low Back Task Chair

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on HON Low Back Task Chair

Question: Is the chair fireproof?

Answer: I have no idea about this matter.

Question: How much deep is the seat? I would like to have a deep chair from 16 to 17 inches.

Answer: The seat is 17 inches front to back and 20 inches from side to side. I have been using this chair for a short time. It is very comfortable.

Question: does it have any weight limit?

Answer: I have no idea about the official limits of weight. My weight is 350 pounds. I have been using it daily for seven months. So far I face no problem.


When you see the images of the HON Low Back Chair, you will get it is very simple. You can set it in your office very easily.

There are no extra attractive features with the chair. Besides, it is not ergonomics.

The sturdy base, the simple shape, and the black cushions are wonderful features for the users. They like this chair very much and look for such type of feature in future.

The HON Low Back Chair comes with lots of features.

Its ergonomic design is very excellent. So you can sit on it for a long with without felling any pain on your back.

One thing I would like to mention about the HON HVL210 Low Back Task. This chair gives you a great support.

This chair has a wonderful cushion though has a minimalist design. You will feel more comfort when you sit on it.

The HON HVL210 Low Back Task Chair has 2 layers of padding. Additionally, it comes with a waterfall edge design.

It is sure that your leg may not be fatigued at the end of the day as blood circulation has improved lots.

The most significant is that the HON HVL210 Low Back Task Chair has very strong shape.

Nevertheless, you will enjoy breathability confirming that you wouldn’t feel any problem in your hot office.

Cosco Fabric 4 Pack Folding Chair Review

Cosco is a chair which offers the best seat for the guests. It is available in steel and vinyl, steel and fabric and steel. There is the padded seat at the back of the vinyl and steel folding chairs.

The steel, as well as fabric features, give the similar comfort with contoured fabric padded seats. It gives additional style stock up and comforts now.

Cosco All Steel 4-Pack Folding Chair

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You will get more comfortable when you sit in this chair. The chair may seem compact and tight after using it if you like to store it.

You can use all steel folding chairs for amusing guests during a big party or game. This chair is very simple to clean.

There are many features of the Cosco folding chair. It has a sturdy steel construction, sturdy cross brace, long lasting tube-in-tube reinforced frame and non-marring leg tips.

The long-lasting and low maintenance power coat casing is found in the black or antique finish. Cosco folding chair is great for events, holiday gatherings, and banquets.

Features 0f  Cosco Fabric 4 Pack Folding Chair

  • Relaxed back and contented soft padded fabric seat
  • Folds flat and compressed for simple storage.
  • The tube in tube reinforced frame and cross braces provide stability and strength
  • Long lasting steel frame along with the powder coated robust finish.
  • Non- marring legs of the chair save the surfaces of the floor.


  • Economical, comfortable and sturdy chair
  • Very functional
  • A simple chair with a reasonable price


  • None

What to keep in mind

A folding chair is a common thing. It comes with lots of benefits. At first, you can fold it easily and keep it in a smaller size storage or carrying bag.

Secondly, these chairs are lightweight and very compact. The following thing is that it has an ergonomic design and comfortable with the nice padding.

Lastly, it comes with lots of other features like colors, shapes, designs, sizes, and materials.

However, choosing the best folding chair is a great challenge. I would like to talk about different chairs in this article.

You may get them in the market easily. I have given more attention to folding ability, materials, portability, ergonomics, design, and comfort.

I also like to give emphasis on elegance, affordability, and ease of maintenance.

What Do Others Say About Cosco Fabric 4 Pack Folding Chair

Purchase this chair before coming Christmas this year. You will be surprised to see the sturdy materials of it.

Some of our family members have bigger heads and they like to break it. If I need more chairs in future, I would buy it again.

What Do Others Say About Cosco Fabric 4 Pack Folding Chair

The capacity of the chair is over 250 pounds. All chairs are solidly built. These are metal chairs and come with no padding. These chairs are more comfortable like a metal folding chair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Cosco Fabric 4 Pack Folding Chair

Question: Is it safe to buy a Cosco folding chair from online?

Answer: Many people buy products from online. I don’t see any problem buying a product from online. But you have to do one thing. You need to read the reviews of the products again and again.  This will be helpful for you to take the right decision. If you aren’t happy with the product for any reason, you can ask for a refund. They are ready to give all the cash back if you are eligible for the warranty. Buying product from online is absolutely safe no doubt.

Question: What things should give more importance at the time of buying a new Cosco folding chair?

Answer: Purchasing anything from Online is a good idea. This isn’t exceptional in the case of Cosco. You have to read the reviews and comments about the product. Many people are using the products and they post their reviews about the product. We advise you greatly to read as much as reviews you can to know more about the product. When you read all these reviews, you will know more about the product. Then take the final decision.

Question: What is the procedure to get the cash back after buying a Cosco folding chair?

Answer: If you get anything wrong in your new Cosco folding chair, the manufacturer is ready to refund all the money. So at the time of buying a chair, read the warranty offers very careful of every specific merchant. Take a good decision to buy a good chair. Therefore you can buy a good product from the online marketplace.

Question: Is it a wise decision to buy a Cosco folding chair from online?

Answer: Personally I like to buy everything from online shopping. Buying Cosco folding chair is not exceptional in this regard. Here you will get lots of reviews of the same product. You can compare it with other products on the market. So online marketing from Online is a wise decision.

Question: What things do you consider the best to rank the Cosco folding chair?

Answer: There is a long list which is very difficult to mention. We have examined all the aspects of the Cosco folding chair. Moreover, we have seen features, price, reviews and other things of the chair. This is a difficult task to choose the best Cosco folding chair at present. There are lots of brands which are fighting constantly to put your money into their accounts.


If someone sits on it for a longer period, he will feel more comfortable. This chair is very fashionable.

Needless to say that it is a perfect and elegant piece to use in home and offices. The chair is constructed well. As a result, it withstands for a long time by using it regularly.

I like the soft and smooth fabric of the chair. Finally, it has a simple black finish and very attractive frame.

Oversized Bean Bag Chair in Steel Grey Reviews

Panda Sleep bean bag covers are long lasting, rigid yarn made of military clothing. You may use the bean bag for a long time in coming future. The triple-layer Hypercomfy cover is stain resistant, tough. One can easily wash it in the machine by automatic cycle.

Oversized Bean Bag Chair in Steel Grey - Machine Washable Big Soft Comfort Cover

>>Check Price Now<<

Safety and Healthy: the manufacture uses virgin foam that is approved by world leading agencies. This foam never emits harmful fumes. It is finally clear that the bags are completely secured for your family, you and your friends.


  • Fill: urethane shredded foam
  • Long lasting and soothe suede cover
  • For body comfort soft contours
  • Beanbag style chair


  • Simple to put together
  • Super quality
  • Styling Bean Bag and durable


  • None


Our proprietary memory foam blend gives long lasting, soft console and furriness etc. The feel and touch of the premium fabric satisfy you quickly.

You have no intention to rise again. The manufacturer never uses inexpensive polystyrene beans that feel pain. It doesn’t become flat within a few weeks.

Health & Safety

Manufacturer use virgin foam which is approved by the world leading agencies. Additionally, the foam doesn’t release any injurious fumes. They guarantee that the product is 100% free from cancer-causing flame retardants.

Sometimes their competitors use such type of products. Be satisfied the bean gab is completely secured for you, your friends and your family. Why they use such products all the time?

Size & Care

This is fit for one teenagers or juvenile adult who have 80 pounds weight of the body. Size is 24″ H x 30″ W x 30″ D. Suggested size of the floor is 42″ x 42″. Sometimes re-fluff for finest comfort. One can wash air dry or automatic cycle to wash the cover.

Why You Choose Oversized Bean Bag Chair in Steel Grey

Panda Sleep Bean Bag covers are made from the military. It ensures that you may enjoy the bean bag for the forthcoming years. Out triple-layer Hypercomfy is stain resistant.

What Others Say About Oversized Bean Bag Chair in Steel Grey

The product is very hard for me to accumulate it. I ordered two for me. Though this is one am I ever incorrect.

The chair is very nice for the people of all ages. This is very a good chair and very simple to set up. Be careful at the time of opening it. You should not tear the chair itself.

Setting up is very easy. It may sometimes take to get the real bean back chair. It needs lots of pulling and tugging along with lots of arm labor.

I suggest keeping the filling in an individual bag. One can keep it somewhere where users like me away from the filling within the chair physically. This makes thing easier for everyone at the end. Moreover, it is less time taking for who have seen it and may have the right away.

The chair comes in vibrant colors. You may see I have purchased a green one as well as a pink polka dot one. The price of these helmets is not very high. Buying a helmet is good speculation of the parents for the child.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Oversized Bean Bag Chair in Steel Grey

Question: Are these free from latex?

Answer: I am very sorry. I don’t know about it. You may contact the maker of the chair.

Question: Can one add filler with it to make it firm?

Answer: No. No. I think you should not need it. I except this helps you more.

Question: What is the procedure to remove the cover as it stays straight over the foam?

Answer: Sorry to say that my puppy began betting it. Therefore I had to throw it away. After that I no longer purchase it.

Question: What is the maximum weight that the bean bag can endure?

Answer: I think there should be no weight restriction. If it is made heavily, it will keep more weight.


Bean Bag is very favorable for our children. It is very large and quality is the best. Its microfiber filling makes the item very comfortable. Maintaining is very simple. After few light tosses, the bag goes to its original shape.

All the instruction are very simple and problem free to follow. My toddler likes lounging the bean bag very much. Sometimes we use it as a footrest. We are pleased with the purchased.

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair Review

Are you looking for a chair that incorporates both functionality and ergonomics? The chair is designed with adjustable wrist-supporting gun stock arms, soft cushion. It gives you luxurious comfort. ? You can surely purchase the X Rocker 51396. This will fulfill your expectation fully.

The 51396 is decorated with 2 speakers on every surface of the headrest. It also has a sub-woofer to the back side of the gaming chair. All of the speakers have 2.1 AFM technologies that produce unbelievable sound.

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair, Wireless

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The chair comes with inbuilt vibration system which creates resonating vibrations. This adds new life to the game sessions.

Additionally, the other important feature of the chair is that it includes a wireless transmitter. The transmitter provides players both space and comfort. There remains concern regarding movable tripping hazard wires. When you have X Rocker, you will feel proud.

You can get best quality sound effect and ergonomics. For this, X Rocker is the top product for hardcore gamers.


  • More vibration motor sync along with the bass tones
  • Gunstock arms and padded headrest for stability & comfort
  • The chair is nice for watching TV, video games, reading, listening to music and relaxing.
  • Attached radio wireless receiver and added a wireless transmitter
  • 4 speakers for complete immersion surround sound and a forceful subwoofer
  • Applied Ace Bayou’s innovative AFM technology


  • Splendid design
  • Swivel capabilities and awesome tilt
  • Lightweight in spite of the appearance
  • Versatility, possible to connect one chair with other
  • Compatible with gaming consoles.
  • Audio feature and superior sound


  • Takes some space to set it up
  • Congested lean back capabilities

The Sound Quality of X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair

The X Rocker chair is designed with 4 speakers as well as the independent and additional subwoofer. It means that the sound system is added to a person sitting on the chair.

One can say that it is too much. The reality is that the sound system is mind-blowing. There is an impeccable matching of sound from all speakers. It has a vibration motor that synchronizes with the sub-woofer.

The motor gives a real feeling of deep rumbling in your body as if you were feeling the major earthquake. It moves a long way in enlarging its performance.


The Rocker H3 is constructed of faux leather. Though this isn’t the real leather but works perfectly. Your weight and height isn’t the factor here. This chair can accommodate you comfortably. You may fold your legs or stretch it according to your need.

The Rocker is nicely padded to give comfort to the players. One factor may affect the person that is the vibration motor.

It is powerful and strong. It may seem distasteful after a long time use. One solution can help you to avoid this problem. You have just turned them off.

Connectivity and controls

There is wireless audio with the chair. It also has an easy access control panel, separate vibration, bass controls and volume. One can easily control everything individually for this feature.

The connecting jack is helpful to add input and output devices. You can connect it to other audio sources or gaming chair users if they have multiple players.

Connectivity and controls

The audio receiver of the chair is made with a wireless transmitter. It may send crystal clear audio from RCAA connectors with any audio source or handsets of the chairs. The chair comes with RCA cables to provide more choice.

Why Should You Consider the X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair?

The chair has 4 speakers. This type of feature is very rear in rocking chair of other companies. These four speakers don’t make you jump from the chair.

You may hear the guns blazing. In addition, you may get something known as Audio Force Modulation Technology.

I know the sound is very wonderful like something NASA has developed. It means that the subwoofer of the chair really trembles with the bass. This is amazing. You can not only feel the explosions of the game but also hear them with crystal clear audio besides shaking the chair.

The chair is made with great attention to ensure comfort for the users. You may feel that you are on the Darth Vader at the time of playing games.

You will be much pleased to have a seat on it. The chair gives you fixed position gun stock arms which will confirm more stability.

Moreover, you may enjoy heavy duty padded backrest so that you may pass whole night gaming session on it. The control panel of the chair helps you to maintain bass, volume, and vibration.

There is an output jack with the chair. So you can add it to additional audio equipment. Additionally, you can add it with other X Rocker gaming chairs to get ultimate multiplayer experience. The chair holds a wireless receiver which allows you to send audio to all sources by RCA or a headset.

What Do Others Say About X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair?

I have bought a 4 speaker X Rockers. Now I am waiting to have an H3 with the reduced rate. I have ordered one which must have good quality and products upholstery.

What Do Others Say About X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair

The wireless option does it activities very well until batteries die out. Therefore I like to have a bulk pack of AAA’s in my store. Now I am using this chair at a desk with a PC.

At present, I am able to retrofit an added swivel roller base. Though X Rocker is selling chair with pedestal, I would like to get a more moveable chair.

Would you like to do the same thing for a base? It seems to me that it would be a more comfortable chair of the series.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair

Question: Does it act with PS4? If so what is the procedure to install it?

Answer: yes, it works with PS4! The things that you need are added to the chair!

Question: Can one compare this chair with the Xbox one?

Answer: Yes, I use it with my Xbox one. It adds to your television. Therefore it operates anything added to the television.

Question: When you plug it in headphone can you hear the vibration sound?

Answer: You just have to use a Y-splitter to send audio both your headphone and the chair. Then you have to turn down the volume on the chair.

Some additional RCA cables come with the chair. To connect it with other, you will feel no problem.

Question: Would this work with my Xbox when the TV is in the mute state? Thanks!

Answer: It relies on the setting up system. When you play audio directly from Xbox, the chair may have audio and tv is muted. When you like to run audio out of the tv, you may or may not mute the tv as well.

The chair is designed with lots of cords. It is very easy to set up. You can set it up according to your need.


You will get wonderful audio experience with this chair. Moreover, it comes with many features to ensure great controls, heavenly comfort, and super connectivity. It seems to you that you are really part of the gaming action. Why you love this chair very much?

The answer is that the chair is affordability and user-friendly. It is a very amazing chair that will give you an unforgettable experience in the gaming world.

This powerful gaming chair has got over 212 reviews and over 147 of them have got 5 -star. Most of the customers are happy with the audio quality, vibration, comfort, ergonomics, and affordability. It ensures pure and gratifying gaming knowledge.

The Best Panasonic EP MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair Reviews

If you have got the experience to sit on a massage chair, you will feel how comfortable they are. This chairs repairs both your mind and body simultaneously.

It will lead you to a deeply relaxed state that everyone expects most. Massage chairs are greatly used for many purposes.  You can use it for injuries, chronic pain like sciatica and other pain-related overused muscles.

Moreover, there are some other purposes of the massage chair. In this reviews, the massage chair will help you to know what we think of exploring them thoroughly.

There are many types of massage chairs on the market. All are the best in the sense that they are selling the best products for the customers.

One advice is that you shouldn’t spend your money and efforts for undesired products.

Therefore now let us begin with the Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair Review.

We have really categorized one of the best models found in the market. Now we would like to explain why we are going to tell it.

Think about a hot stone massage that will give comfort and luxury for all the time in your everyday life though it is when you wake up or after the whole days it is under your feet. By keeping this idea in mind, the EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra massage chair is made for you.

Panasonic cordially accepts all complaints, shortcomings and concerns of the EP-MA70 massage chair and redesigned, reimagined and improved what the chair can give you. The EP-MA 73 will give all the facilities rather than other chairs in the market you have found in your life. Notice the improved and new features to see for yourself.

Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury Heated Massage Chair

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If you sit on the chair, you will feel very comfortable. The will repair your body and mind as well. They will keep you in a deeply relaxed state and some new experience. The chair is being used as physical therapy for the injuries, for the chronic pain like sciatica and some other pains related to overused muscles.

There are some other useful purposes of the massage chair. The review will help you to understand what we would like to investigate thoroughly. Though there are many massage chairs, all give the best result; the company is trying to sell the product.

I would like to speak honestly that you should not waste money to buy the less desirable thing. So remain with the Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair Review. We are making a category of the top models found, and now we are speaking to you why.

Features of Panasonic EP MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

  • Auto Recline: Recline is maintained electronically to 170 degrees, permit you to prefer the best position where we are most comfortable though receiving your massage.
  • Auto Ottoman: Lift up and raise down the ottoman with the press of the button.
  • Flexible Ottoman: The ottoman may be used for opening and closing, so what is the height does not matter, the EP- MA 73 can get the correct fit for the type of the body.
  • LCD Remote: It is possible to control all the functions and features of Panasonic EP- Ma73 by using remote control.
  • Manual Ottoman Leg Extention: Toss the handle and then press your legs to adjust the optimal length according to your height.
  • Self Adjusting Arm Rests: The EP-MA73 has improved armrests which can add if the chair reclines. It ensures a more thorough massage for the deeper recline


  • Gives a deep massage
  • Various options for massage and controls
  • You may customize the personal massage to fulfill the family member’s desire.
  • For parts and labor has more warranty
  • Durable


  • For the feet, the massage rollers are not retractable and may be uncomfortable when you would not desire a foot massage.
  • The timer is fifteen minutes after shuts off. To start again is difficult if you desire to have a longer uninterrupted massage.

How to Use The Massage Chair

  • Firstly, turn over the back cushion.
  • Measure the legs of the massage chair
  • Take off the shoes and take your seat comfortably
  • Align the lower end of the headrest along with your ears
  • Press the button at last

Now you have the options to use an automatic course of manually function the chair.

You have got Shiatsu, Deep, Swedish, Stretch, Lower Back or neck and shoulder for the automatic options.

The most advantage of this chair is that it may memorize the place of your shoulders. When users of various heights use it, it can do this. It may normally happen when you and your spouse like the same chair.

Panasonic EP MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair Reviews

Advanced 3D Quad Style Roller Technology

The Panasonic EP-MA73 is decorated with the most human-like massage roller in the market. The proprietary method applies four massage heads which close and open like human hands and a 3D mechanism to massage and scan each contour of your back. Adjust this with heat therapy, and you have your personal masseur in your home.

Advanced Body Scan Technology

The EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra applies advanced sensor technology to make a virtual map of the back. The chair will scan your body and gives a massage which is contoured to the curve of your body and spine. The massage glides up and downs the back at the time of using the consistent pressure of your whole spine.


In the human body, there is about 350 acupoints in the whole body and 100 in your neck and back alone. The Swedish massage, the deep tissue kneading to the Real Pro EP-MA73, shiatsu massage has lots of technologies to the aim acupoints resulting in more energy.

Air Compression System

panasonic ep ma73 real pro ultra massage chair

The Panasonic EP-MA73 applies 33 airbag compression process to offer full body massage. Airbags are kept in the shoulders, arms, and hands, thighs, hips, buttocks, feet, and calves.

Shoulder Massage

The airbags keep the shoulders in place as the massage heads knead the back, from chest to the shoulders, give soothe pressure and aid relax the shoulder, softly stimulates the lymphatic system to aid to cleanse your body.

Hand & Arm Massage

The armrests are kept below the arm. They inflate using a compression massage which helps relax hands and arm. The armrest is adjusted, and you can keep your arm while you are lying down.

Hip Massage

The chair has airbags adjusted with all the sides of the hips and around your waist. They inflate your hips and thighs to relax the core and the lower back.

Calf Massage

Different airbags inflate round the calves uses an air kneading massage that is round the back and sides of the calves. This aids rejuvenates or circulates tired legs.

Foot Massage

There is 3D air cushions on the feet give realistic foot massage and is great for removing pains and aches. Acupuncture nodes are inserted or removed for lighter or stronger massage.

You can change the setting according to your need. This gives you more control; it would not take very long to figure out how it functions for you. If you face any problem to handle the massage, you can take help from online tutorials.



Variable massage programming

There are many functions like Swedish rolling styles and shiatsu. The chairs are also adapted to many customizable programs. Be sure the programs are fit for your need. There are fewer functions compared to the other chairs, but all the features are very much beneficial for your need.

You can simply use all the controlling features. If you face difficulties, you will get help from online tutorials offered by Panasonic Ep-MA73 Real Pro Ultra users to aid you with the programs.

New Palm and Arm Massage

The EPMA-73 has armrests and airbags that are kept below and above the arm. These inflate using a compression massage that aids to release your hands and arms. The armrest is added with the recline, gives massage for arms even in lying down.

5 Massage Programs

panasonic ep ma73 real pro ultra massage chair

The Panasonic EP-MA73 hold five excellent massage programs like Rolling, Shiatsu, and Swedish styles. You can customize these programs. You can use the style as you need.

The customized options are not many when you compare with the other chairs in the same class. The main massage is designed well and pretty and has everything for relaxation no matter what type of massage do you like to have.

You can modify the setting according to your need. This gives you more control; it would not take very long to figure out how it functions for you. If you face any problem to handle the massage, you can take help from online tutorials.

Why choose Panasonic ep ma73 real pro-Ultra massage chair?

If you like to choose a massage chair, you must consider the following factors. Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra massage chair holds all the necessary features. It has five years guarantee, and intensify the bond between the company and the customers. So before being sure to invest in a massage chair, look for the product in details.

Who Is This Panasonic Massage Chair For?

This is the best thing for the people who like to invest money in the massage chair. This is best full body massage chair. It will give comfort to the users at home. This is designed for those who are suffering from shoulder or neck pain.

Who Is This Panasonic Massage Chair For?

This is the best thing for the people who like to invest money in the massage chair. This is best full body massage chair. It will give comfort to the users at home. This is designed for those who are suffering from shoulder or neck pain.

What Does This Massage Chair Help With?

The Panasonic massage chair gives a comprehensive massage which relaxes and soothes the neck muscles and shoulders

Render professional style of foot massage. This aims reflex points in the feet that aid in developing energy and circulates blood to the whole body. Relieves tensions between arms and palms.

Use soft pressure on the calves that relieves boosts circulation and tightness. Give a good massage for the middle to the lower back which is perfect for the last of the day’s work.

The user review on Panasonic ep ma73 real pro Ultra massage chair

My Best Massage chair ever!

Before purchasing this one, I have tried other brands, most of the brand I have heard about, but I have more or less doubts. The chairs have poor quality in most cases. The MA 73 is superior in all cases.

The ability to customize a deep tissue massage heated rollers, save my settings. My primary desire of the foot pods was solved by applying a gel foot for the first two weeks. I like the intensity; this is the best features.

My poor family owned the Panasonic product for 40 years, and my doctor has Panasonic product in his office. I am a great fan Kudos to Panasonic. This is the best massage chair anywhere.


This is a great chair I have ever used and tried. The only complaint is that the neck or head is not much comfortable. It seems like our head is tilted back to an uncomfortable position. I used pillow or chair, but this does not support well.

The user manual hasn’t read yet. I hope there is fix or suggestion I am not aware of. I found some minor complaints. The features of the chair are fantastic, and the complete knowledge is amazing.

Product info of Panasonic ep ma73 real pro-Ultra massage chair

  • Product Dimensions: 48 x 37.4 x 45.3 inches ; 191 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 187 pounds
  • ASIN: B00LEYJ76Y
  • UPC: 885170199019

Final Verdict

The Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra massage chair review, we confirm that there are lots of features with this chair. You may enjoy all thoroughly. They are gorgeous to look at, and they are more durable.

This is an appreciating option for office and home. The chair looks very sexy no doubt. The chair is comparable to some other models like the Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Recliner along with Heating Therapy.

The functions and the features of both chairs are the same. They come down to style and taste. We have told before that there are many models and brands in the market of these chairs. It is impossible to mention all the features at the same time.

So, for this, we are here now. We gather all the information and put them to the reviews to read for the readers easily. Who has more time to read the reviews before sitting by the side of a computer? We can do as we are an expert.

A massage chair is a good option for your well-being and your health. They will enhance the quality of life and health by removing pains and stiffness for hair work and injuries. They will make your mentality fresh and sound by alleviating stress.

We aspire we are happy with the review and collect the necessary information what the type of chair may do for you



Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair Reviews

It may be that discriminating massage chair shopper communicates me; this is normally a question for the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair, a question normally for it and how it is compared with some other massage chair models.

I have got this email about massage chair shopper demanding a comparison between the Panasonic ma70 and the Songo. I have prepared a point by point comparison between those for higher priced and popular models.INADA DreamWave Massage Chair

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Features of Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

There are lots of features to like the Sogno Dreamwave. These are some of the dear features. To know more about the settings are features of this chair, read the manuals or Inada Sogno Dreamwave owner’s manual.

1,000+ Massage combinations

One most drawback of the Sogno is versatility; makeable the users tailor the knowledge of massage for the need.

In the manual mode, there are lots of different combinations, and users may choose, tapping, kneading, human hands, vibration, rolling or more. There are many standard options for further personalization.

8 Pre-programmed healthcare massage sessions

The chair is standard and has preset programs on the massage chair. The programs of Inada Sogno Dreamwave is innovative. There are four well-being and eight healthcare programs with it.

All the Shiatsu have morning, Nighttime, Dreamwave, and Stretch. A program ensures total relaxation. This is very appealing for those who desire to unwind after work or for those who suffer from insomnia. It has youth feature program to ensure gentle massage.

1,200 qs inch coverage

In the Inada Sogno, Dreamwave has 1200 so inch massage coverage body; the users feel comfortable as they are being cradled while massaged. The give more relaxing experience.

Shoulder and full-arm massage

The shoulder massage unit is designed to simple tension in the shoulder and neck.A complete arm Shiatsu feature that uses airbags to squeeze and knead the hands and muscle in the arms. The upper body of the massage is suited for anyone and removes discomfort or aching from the particular areas.

Sensor Scan

The Sogno Dreamwave comes with sensor scan, which measures the curvature of the back and adjusts it one of the 106 profile stored in the system. This will receive a massage, and it will be good for the body.


The upholstery of the Sogno Dreamwave has the synthetic leather and has the feature like soil resistant finish and anti-microbial finish. It has three colors of red, black, and dark brown. The additional black leather is also found.

The massage chair has Japanese engineering and materials are durable in its design. The chair is built to the standard of world-class technology.

The chair has a remote control option to operate all the settings. The pocket of the chair’s side is good enough to keep the necessary things.

The product is home friendly and made with safety features, pet recline or infant recline obstruction sensor and the breakaway power cord.


  • The full body chair has more coverage than the other chairs in the market.
  • 18 standard types, eight preset programs, and over 1000 massage combinations.
  • Automatic reclining.
  • Adjustability of the motion.
  • Heat function.
  • Youngers can use the massage chair as well.
  • Modern chairs are designed with high-quality materials.
  • Secure features.
  • Three-Year warranty


  • The only con of the chair is the price. The price is the little bit higher than the other chairs in the market. But you are thinking about the health issue; the chair is perfect for you. You will get fantastic value from the chair


The Brand

This brand is made in Japan. This country is famous for making top excellence products that last for a long time. Besides, it gives an exemplary result.

The founder of Inada is Nishimura Inada founded it in 1962. He was perhaps the first man who invented automatic shiatsu massage chair.

We can say that we have passed more than fifty years from the invention of this chair.

Inada massage chair has got more popularity among the people. It becomes famous for Consumer Electronic Show Innovation Honors, the Doctor’s Choice massage chair, Home appliance category, a Pinnacle Award finalist in American Society of Furniture Designers and Wellness Category.

Who the Inada Sogno Dreamwave is for

The Inada Sogno Dreamwave is the most expensive chair in the market today. The chair is fit for the people who are thinking seriously about the massage. Though the price of the chair is less high compared to the Panasonic EP-MA 73.

The sheer range of the system the chair gives makes the price tag worth. It has extensive body coverage and flexibility with programs. This is designed for the person to provide uncommon massage experience.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair reviews

Night and Dreamwave automatic programs are perfect for individuals who like to enjoy relax. This is good for anyone who struggles to sleep or who desire help unwinding.

The youth set is the nice touch, giving massage for the younger people, for those who have recently had got surgery and need something less intense.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Many people like to buy the best quality massage chair. Individuals who are suffering from the back pain or would like to have a healthy way to de-stress after many days at work are desired to have this comfortable chair.

Now Inada Sogno Dreamwave is the most comfortable shiatsu massage therapy on the market. This is the best worth looking chair for the people who are serious to get this massage chair.


Product Info of Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair reviews

  • Product Dimensions: 82.7 x 36.6 x 47.6 inches; 265 pounds
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Item model number: HCP-11001A
  • UPC: 893959002573

User Review of Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair reviews

What customers think about the Inada Sogno Dreamwave

There are lots of reviews of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave which are doubtlessly positive. One customer said that it had changed his life completely for better life. It possesses exploded a knot out of the shoulder which they are suffering for years.

The other important thing about the massage chair is the versatility. One person has stated that they congratulate the power to add different functions. At the same time, it ensures more scope regarding tailoring the massage for the personal needs. He surely concludes that they are very costly, but you are going to have the best, this is all.

Some people mention the weight of the chair is more, however only a few users like this weight. The benefit is that it prevents the chair from rocking after all when in use. Most of the users agree that the Inada Sogno Dreamwave is made of the greatest standard. They also appreciate the quality of the chair on many occasions.

Troubleshooting of Inada Sogno  Dreamwave Massage Chair

Still, you fail to solve the problem, unplug the product from the outlet. Look the troubleshooting guide and try to solve the problem. Still, you fail to do so; it would be better to stop using it to escape injury or accident. To get technical service, please indicate the last page of the booklet.


  • Noise at the time of operation:
  • During Kneading & and Tapping Tapping
  • the noise of the air pump
  • The noise of rollers friction against seat covers or squeaky roughness sound of seat cover at the time of DreamWave mode.
  • Clatter during DreamWave operation
  • The noise of the reclining seat back instrument
  • Vibrating mechanism noise
  • The sound of the air massage cushions


The noises are the usual part of the operation of the product and may not influence the performance of the product anyhow.


The remote control’s buttons sometimes do not remain active normally.


  • Closely look at the following probable problems:
  • See the power cord is well plugged into the outlet on your wall
  • Notice the power cord is connected to the plug fully into the power connector added to the rear of the chair.
  • See the main power switch of the rear chair is adjust ON.
  • Notice the Child Safety Lock to disable apply of the chair is not safe and sound.


The message “Restart the main POWER switch.” seems to the distant control display.


  • Notice the main power switch added to the rear of the chair to OFF and then back ON after five seconds.
  • When the chair goes to the normal position, no more work is required.
  • When the same massage chair is displayed again, do not use the chair and disconnect it from the wall.
  • Outlet. Communicate with the nearest vendors to get service.

Final Verdict

The Inada Sogno is a famous chair all over the world. It has acquired award-winning prizes. All modern styles and designs are applied here.

The chair also relives particular stiffness and painful joints. Inada gives a realistic 3D Shiastu massage.

There are lots of health benefits by using the comfortable Sogno massage chair. It gives perfect relaxation that other chair fails to give.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair reviews

Really, the Inada Sogno Dreamwave is a matchless competitor as it appears to the final massage chair. It plays an important role in health benefits.

Like other many massage chairs in the market, the Inada Sogno Dreamwave has various colors from typical black to athletic red. The chair comes with elegant business class size ensures a high-end appearance as desired to get from this type of great expensive chair.

The model of the chair is very expensive, but the price of the chair is reasonable. Ensures the total range of characteristic stated here. This is indeed a great type of chair and has more appeal to the serious massage fan instead of casual users.


HERCULES Series Trapezoidal Back Stacking Banquet Chair Reviews

The commercial grade banquet chair is fit for casual and formal settings. You can use it from wedding ceremonies to awards and corporate meetings. It is covered with 1.5-inch thick seat pads along with CA 117 fire retardant foam and durable vinyl upholstery.

The other features of the chair are a powder coated frame, 16 gauge steel, angled legs. The weight this chair can endure mostly 500 pounds.

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Trapezoidal Back Stacking Banquet Chair

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Moreover, the chair is very sturdy. It has double support braces with the frame to ensure durability and strength. Its bumper guard features resist scratches of the frame if stacked.

If you remove the chair, it leaves no scratches on the floor. You can use it in banquet halls, churches, hotels, training rooms, schools and convention centers.


  • This 1 touch chair can withstand the severity of time.
  • You may use the banquet chairs for different occasions
  • The weight limit of the chair is 500 pounds. This is one of the strongest banquet chairs at present in the market.
  • You can use this chair in training rooms, banquet halls, conference meetings, wedding ceremonies, schools, conventions, church and other gathering places.
  • Banquet chair has padded back and seated. Your guest will feel more comfortable when taking a seat on it.
  • One can use this banquet chair for large or small gathering or home usage.
  • Stacking capacity of the chair is another advantage of this chair. It permits you to move the chair out of the way when you don’t use it.
  • Banquet chair is long lasting and comfortable. You can use it for a long time in future.


  • The price of the chair is cheaper compared with the materials
  • Padding can support up to 155 pounds
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Minimalist mayn’t complain about timeless and simple design.
  • Rigid like rock solid, volcano-forged steel sturdy


  • Comes pre-assembled in a GARGANTUAN box.
  • Though the size of the chair is bigger, it can’t support back more. This is a half con as I desired to get it at the time of buying it.

What Others Say About HERCULES Series Trapezoidal Back Stacking Banquet Chair

The chair will withstand for a longer time. The capacity of the frame is about 155 pounds. Therefore this is the strongest chair in the market today.

What Others Say About HERCULES Series Trapezoidal Back Stacking Banquet Chair

The banquet chair is very useful on many occasions. You can use this chair for wedding ceremonies, banquet halls, and conference meetings. The chair is also helpful for many occasions, training rooms, hotels, schools, conventions.

One can use this chair for homes for big or small gathering. When your guest takes a seat in this chair, he will feel more comfortable. The padded back and seat of the chair are very comfortable.

We assure that this chair will ensure comfort for a long period of time. The stacking capacity of the chair helps you more to enjoy the chair for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on HERCULES Series Trapezoidal Back Stacking Banquet Chair

Question: Does the seat carry a non- porous covering? Is it possible to wipe down with Lysol-type wipes or bleach?

Answer: Yes

Question: What is the way to buy replacement feet of the chair? We have damaged it at the time of shipping.

Answer: Foot caps are not available in the market. If you buy some chairs last 15 days you may ask for replacement foot caps due to damage. You must take a picture of damage chairs gliders or foot caps. Then the seller can send you a replacement.

Question: Would you unite shipping on orders of 25 chairs?

Answer: We provide Floopi for free shipping rate of it.

Question: Does it need to assemble?

Answer: No, already in assembled. All came in the safe package and had good condition. Thank you.

Question: How is the seat height?

Answer: Near about 17 inches.


Finally, there are many features with this banquet chair. I have been using it for a long time. The chair is very beautiful to look at. One can store it in a small palace. I bought one chair long time ago.

There remains glitch in my shopping. I have a desire to buy this chair one again. With this amount of money, you would never find a better chair like this one.