How To Paint A Wooden Rocking Chair A Useful Learning Guide

how to paint a wooden rocking chair

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A pair wooden chair has nothing to say for a covered porch. If you protect the chair correctly from the outside material, it will give you years of enjoyments.

When you paint the chair well, it will make a water resistant surface on the chair. The surface helps to save from rotting or warping. There are lots of chairs in the markets with different colors. Your rocking chairs become an attractive design element for your patio and porch.

Step 1

Sanding With a Sander

I like, to begin with, a palm sander and hundreds grit sandpaper to work for better-quality grit. The chair is very rounded, detailed and more hand sanding is required.

Step 2

Hand Sanding

At the time of sanding, I would like to apply wrap sandpaper round a wooden block. It makes the thing easier to maintain and preserve sanding smooth.

While sanding rounded edges and ultimately use the papers as is and be sure to obtain all the crannies and nooks. When sanding, the target is not to sand away the real paint but to make a smooth as well as a flat surface to stain.

Step 3

Cleaning the Chair

This is true that it is a very favorite part for me. It is better to remove all the dust from the chair before you like to do the painting. You can do a dry paper towel to remove dust from the chair.

how to paint a wooden rocking chair

Then you can use the original dusting use Windex to remove dust from the chair. Before using any paint dry clean the chair well.

Step 4

Painted rocking chair ideas

These following colors I am going to consider:

  • Greek Blue
  • Duck Egg
  • A random color of Behr clearance paint
  • Provence

If I think of stain, it seems to me that it is typically brown. I like to use something I buy from the mill store and apply for my patio flooring. I become astonished if I told the paint guy at Lowe’s what to use on the outdoor rocking chair.

He told me the white stain. If you use regular latex paint over time, the outdoor element will become peel and yellow. At present the Olympic stain seemed and brushed on like paint.

Begin with the underside of your rocking chair. I like to do it so as later on I must flip the chair over while the other part had got fresh paint. I have got two coats of paint to the underside and let it finish dry prior flipping it over.

Step 5


I finish it by removing the stains. I like to keep it under to the sun to make it dry for few hours. Though there is also a sealant in the chair, I finished the chair off with a finishing spray. It gives very finished look and sheen.

Paint Colors for Painting Furniture

This post is coming to the web for a long time. I have taken few hours to do my study work. You may put together your dear paint colors for future revamps.

There are various fantastic colors of painting furniture. This is very difficult for me choosing one from the list of 16. I have lessened the list depends on present color drifts in design/furniture.

Moreover, I have chosen the most adaptable colors. I have chosen one which is nice to look at amongst various furniture.

Now closely notice the palette

  • SW= Sherwin Williams
  • BM= Benjamin Moore
  • GL= Glidden

I would like to share my tutorials with some of the awesome bloggers. Many of the colors of the present world rely on blogger schemes.

Here you will get some examples of different colors within the actions. There are many instructions by which the users can do the works steps by steps.

In this way, a user can paint his pieces according to his desire. If there are more tutorials, I would like to mention it below by the picture with the link.

I have written a very good tutorial for the beginners. If you have no experience, in this case, you can read it. I hope you will get benefit from it. Normally you will be able to paint according to your wish.

I like to break the color down under by Neutrals, Whites, Darks, and Bolds. I don’t feature all the colors in a palette to preserve this post except being very long.

White Paint Colors

For a real white, my dear is Decorators White from Benjamin Moore:

Decorators White Benjamin Moore

Are you searching a real white along with few hints of warmth? The best option is the White Dove from Benjamin Moore. This is very famous. Neat and cupboard color forms all whites. This happens as it is very versatile. It also works well with anything.

Neutral Paint Colors

The best color here is Mindful Gray which is taken from Sherwin Williams. This is ideal in the sense that it keeps the exact equilibrium of warm gray.

Mindful Gray is a wonderful color as it looks very wonderful on walls, cabinets, and furniture.

The reason is that it has a perfect balance or cool tones. I would like to show more examples. I like this color very much.

Mindful Gray Sherwin Williams. Tutorial from Claire Brody Designs here.

It is a Mindful Gray which I used for my friend. You may notice a tutorial for painting a buddy satin finish:

Mindful Gray Sherwin Williams

You may normally see that nice balance cool tones of Mindful Gray in my craft room. I would like to paint the cabinet with this color.

Mindful Gray Sherwin Williams

For light gray which leans cooler and less warmth than mindful Gray. Manhattan Mist from Behr is a nice wonderful color.

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